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What is the psychology behind gambling

Gambling is always portrayed as a rich man’s hobby, a queasy obsession with the adrenaline rush which spirals into the world of addiction. How many times have we heard about the millionaire who washed all his wealth down the drain due to a gambling addiction. What is it about คา สิ โน สด gambling that’s causing a man to waste all his hard-earned money on a simple card game.


As we all know gambling offers a chance to win large sums of money but apart from that what are the emotions behind this addiction 

Gambling offers feelings of excitement while taking risks and the positive high one gets on winning something due to the adrenaline rush is what gamblers crave for. The risk for reward scenarios triggers these adrenaline rushes, while the gambler bets on his skill, awareness and most importantly, luck.

Why do people gamble

Risk-taking: It’s basic human behaviour to feel excited about taking risks as it creates a sense of anticipation which causes people to attain a state of natural highness. It is a common feeling that we all seek in our daily lives but aren’t addicted to . But many fall prey to this addiction . Most gamblers are financially stable and can afford a minor loss, but most importantly, they know when to fold their cards.


False reality: Gamblers often go into a different world trying to get away from their mundane, monotonous life by gambling. May it be a glitzy casino in Vegas, a local arcade or by simply betting online or at auction houses gamblers prefer to immerse themselves in an attempt to escape from reality.

Display of wealth: Gambling often becomes a cheap public display of wealth with gamblers trying to show how deep their pockets are. Gambling is often portrayed as a very stylish and glamorous hobby which on people living a plush life. All this adds to the glamour of gambling and gives the common man a false hope of living the luxurious life.


Culture: Gambling is rooted to almost every culture in one form or another, may it be big casinos in America or in the suburbs of India. And anything which is part of the culture will always be prominent even if it isn’t a good deed. Gambling takes on different forms in different parts of the world, some as large scale corporate industries and some as hobby or even for recreational purposes.


The growth of the casino industry:  The growth of casino-based industries in the corporate sector has been tremendous and in the past decade these ไทย คา สิ โน industries have made millions and millions of dollars owing to the fact that gambling has been attracting more customers than ever. Casino industries mmc996 thai in most countries are simply monopolies as they own the major share of the total sector.


These are some of the major reasons behind why gambling is so popular and ever has been since its introduction to the modern world. The basic human psychology behind it is pretty simple but has adverse effects.

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