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Digital Meters

Welcome to an online store from Heatmiser UK Ltd offering test and measurement tools from leading manufacturers of T&M instruments.

Our Products

We have some of the best technological products which can allow one to have the right help when it comes to keeping track of your home needs.


We have some of the best thermometer’s, which is hygienic as well, which allows you to have the right products always.


Multimeters allow you to keep track of the electricity and the voltages which is used by appliances.

pH Meters

One of the instruments which allow testing the water PH levels for the purposes of drinking.

About us

We at Digital meters are looking for easy and convenient ways people can bring about the right change in the way they take care of their house machines. We are some of the best in the industry with the innovative design allowing you to lead a healthy life..

Why us?

We are some of the best who provide you with quality products allowing you the ease of using them for your benefit.

Free Shipping

Shop from us and experience the joy of free shipping.

Cash on Delivery

We accept cash on delivery as well, which has allowed us to reach a wider audience.

Best Prices

We have some of the best products for competitive prices which have allowed us to stay higher in competition.

“They have some of the best quality products which have allowed one to get the right help whenever we need a product for our household needs.”

David V. Sturgill

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